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Take a picture with Paris's I Love You Wall

I love you: the wall is a love monument built in the romantic garden of Jehan Rictus Place des Abbesses in Montmartre, Paris. Frédéric Baron and Claire Kito's work of art has become a meeting place for enthusiasts of love. We invite you to explore the Wall of Love in music and pictures for a beautiful walk or hike, an uncommon move for your honeymoon, the discovery of a missed spot, for stating I love you in distinct languages, to walk in the most romantic location in Paris.


The ‘I Love You’ wall has been created by two artists, Claire Kito and Frédéric Baron, is around 416 ft2 large. This is located in the Paris ‘Jahan-Rictus’ square. The wall represents a wonderful monument consisting of about 612 lava tiles with engraved writings saying ‘I Love You’ message in 311 languages which also includes the 192 of the UN. 


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