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Iceland in 5 days

Hi guys, this is my Iceland trip review. My first impression after leaving the city center was something like  "this place looks like as the earth just born".I really get impressed, it was an awesome experience because of Iceland was ever in my Top 3 places to visit, and finally, I did it.I hope you like the tips. Pros: Awesome nature and landscapes even in nontouristic places.Cons: The prices are quite expensive comparing with other European countries. The food is the most expensive. 

Tip: Try some local dishes, but keep in mind that to buy food in the supermarket is the best idea. A good place to eat good and cheap food: @ramenmomo

Commuting: The public buses inside the capital work fine. And of course, there are sightseeing buses.I sincerely prefer walking instead of sightseeing. As Reykjavik is not a very big city, it is possible to walk around and see the most famous spots in few hours. But if you wanna see more cool stuff, the best option is to rent a car. I recommend @enterpriseiceland The prices are ok, new cars, they pick you up in your current place and give you free tickets to get back to the airport.

Best time: Ice cave exploring and Northen Lights hunting.One of the most beautiful things I already saw in my life are the northern lights. This an experience impossible to describe. Also, you need a little bit of luck to see it. It happens, but not that often. It was quite exciting to hunt them.Exploring the Ice Caves is really nice, but unfortunately, when I was there the most beautiful one was closed because of a flooding. Its good, now I have a nice excuse to get back there. (: To visit the Ice Caves recommend the company @amazingtoursiceland or if you are planning to do it by yourself you need an offroad car.

Flight company: Wizzair As you know, cheap flights - From Katowice

Accommodation: Airbnb. Shared house in the city center near City Hall.

Weather: The weather in Iceland is crazy. It changes all the time. So, don’t get sad if during the way it starts to rain, probably it gonna stop when you arrive at your destination. Always take with you a waterproof and windproof jacket if you are planning principally going during the winter.

What to see: The island is quite big, and as I mentioned nature is awesome, there are a lot of waterfalls, caves, lava tunnels, and much more. The black sand desert is stunning as well as the black sand beach. Speaking of beaches, the diamond beach is something you cannot miss. The geyser is incredible but take care, you can easily get to completely wet. Happened to me lol.What I have missed: Inside the volcano tour. Sounds really interesting but I had I to make a choice: Volcano or Northern Lights. It's because of volcano tour opens only during the summer and Northen Light are visible only during winter. It was hard to choose. Whatever, I have one more excuse to get back!    

Last but not least, save time to explore nontouristic places and go for thermal baths. It's really relaxing. 

Total days: 5 

Expenses: 1k Euros (Tickets, one day tour, Airbnb, car rental and some food)


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