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Grand Falls View Trail

he Grand Falls are worth the drive. The best time to go is in Spring when the snow melt is creating a nice flow. It's a short drive out of Flagstaff, but to get to the falls you have to drive thru the Navajo Nation & there are no road markings or signs. We ended up going about 15 miles out of our way, but eventually found the road & then it was just 8 more miles to an awesome view. There is a little trail that takes you down to the bottom of the falls. It's a little rough, but take your time & do this hike. The view is worth it. These falls are nicknamed The Chocolate Falls and when the river is really flowing, the mud makes it look like chocolate. Pay attention to the time of year, you could make it here & just see a trickle of water going over the cliffs. We went March 11 & there was a nice flow. There are no crowds & no entrance fees. A great way to spend an afternoon. You'll also get great views of the San Francisco Peaks as a little bonus


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