Hike in Ingalls Creek Trail


AWAYN IMAGE Hike in Ingalls Creek Trail
AWAYN IMAGE Hike in Ingalls Creek Trail
AWAYN IMAGE Hike in Ingalls Creek Trail
AWAYN IMAGE Hike in Ingalls Creek Trail

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The Ingalls Creek Trail features a variety of scenery including large pines, boulder fields, granite cliffs, old-growth, and the mighty Stuart Range's occasional views. In late spring, the primary attraction is the proliferation of wildflowers, some of which are rare. Be prepared for the cool breezes flowing down the valley and carry an additional layer. 

The trail is a great day hike and a good place to spend the night, especially if you're planning to walk the whole trail that leads to Stuart Pass (one way 16 miles) and beyond. There are many great places to rest or camp next to the creek— but you'll have to wait until the snow falls before you try to reach higher altitude.

The trail goes along Ingalls creek and whether you see it or not, you hear it. There are a few somewhat steep places, but nothing challenging, you can get kids with you, no problem. Other than that this trail was created to enjoy the natural beauty of surroundings. In the summer there are a lot of flowers and butterflies. 

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