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Ice Climbing Innere Schwarze Schneid

There are 1. Äussere Schwarze Schneid (10686 ft) 1.8 miles Weißer Kogel (11185 ft) 2.3 miles Hinterer Brunnenkogel (11287 ft)2.9 miles Wassertalkogel (10653 ft)3 miles Wildspitze (12376 ft)3.4 miles Puitkogel (10975 ft)4 miles Taschachwand (11041 ft)4.1 miles Hinterer Brochkogel (11926 ft)4.3 miles Nederkogel (10378 ft)4.4 miles Petersenspitze (11431 ft)4.6 miles The 3365m high Taschach Wand lies in Austria's Pitztal, a valley in the well known province of Tirol. As the name implies the Wand is more of a broad face and it lacks a distinct summit. Nevertheless it is a very popular mountain in the Eastern Alps on account of its north face which is the longest ice route in the Ötztal Alps. The 600 meters long, 55 degree north face is a classic route for those with some experience in climbing alpine ice routes. Besides being a popular goal in its own right the Taschach Wand can be made part of the Pitztaler Ice Express, 4 north faces climbed in succession finishing on the summit of the Wildspitze, the second highest mountain in Austria. An attractive route for the experienced north face climber with a high level of physical fitness. In summer the Taschach Wand becomes the site of frequent rockfalls so it is recommended to climb the route in springtime when snow and ice keep most of the rocks in their place. Knowledge of and experience with glacier travel, ice face climbing (belaying on ice screws etc.) and avalanche hazards are a must for attempting this route safely.


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