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Iron Goat Trail great for hike or Backpacking

I've been to Iron Goat three times within that last year-- all during different seasons. Each time has given me a new found respect and awe for its treasures. This is truly a historic treat and a true Washingtonian must! The Iron Goat Trail is the abandon roadbed of the Great Northern Railway. The railroad was built in 1893 and was used until 1929 when the present Cascade Tunnel opened. This trail is very well maintained and great for sight seeing. The main loop is very easy but if you want more of an advanced, challenging hike you can take the steeper trails which are nice if you want a great workout! Tons of beautiful plants to see, trees, waterfalls, views/lookouts, caves, and of course all of the historic train tunnels! This was a very interesting and beautiful hike (84 degrees out and loved it!), I will definitely be back for an advanced workout up to Wellington! And supposedly there is a train that was hit by an avalanche somewhere? So many interesting things to see. I recommend this trail for everyone, and it's even wheelchair accessible (usually) although there were a few trees that had fallen down over the trail that we had to climb over. But I especially recommend this trail for those who are looking for the chance to get in a long (8-13 miles), scenic hike!


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