AWAYN IMAGE Isola San Giulio
AWAYN IMAGE Isola San Giulio
AWAYN IMAGE Isola San Giulio
AWAYN IMAGE Isola San Giulio

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Do you believe in fairytales? If yes, would you like to be a part of one for at least a day? If this sounds impossible to you, wait until you see the magical Isola San Giulio in the middle of Lake Orta in Italy. Secluded and charming, Isola San Giulio is one of the most beautiful places that you can visit in Italy. Usually, the tourists miss this incredible spot as it is not considered as a top attraction when it comes to Italy travel. However, the first chapel on the island was built in the 5th century in honor of Saint Julius. According to the legend, the island was inhabited by snakes and reptilians in the 4th century, and since the chapel was built, Saint Julius saved the island and made it safe for people to live. 

Later, in the 12th century, a basilica was built on the island and its remains are still the number one attraction on this beautiful patch of land. 

Nowadays, the island is mostly visited by local tourists who spend their time here, exploring the pedestrian streets and admiring the historical, but also the newer buildings. The oldest buildings on the island are turning into concert venues every year. That is the time when the few tourists and local people get to enjoy classical music tunes that enhance the spectacular beauty of Isola San Giulio even more. 

Isola San Giulio is one of those hidden gems that only the true adventurers find about, so if you want to see Italy from a different perspective and enjoy its magical past, this is the right place to do so. 

If you ever visit this island don't forget to bring your camera and capture the fantastic beauty of this impressive island setting. Good luck with your adventure!


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