Hike to Soca Valley


AWAYN IMAGE Hike to Soca Valley
AWAYN IMAGE Hike to Soca Valley
AWAYN IMAGE Hike to Soca Valley
AWAYN IMAGE Hike to Soca Valley
AWAYN IMAGE Hike to Soca Valley

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One of the most beautiful rivers in Europe is the Soča River, which has a distinct emerald green color. Its water flows through waterfalls, small waterfalls and cascades as well as through narrow rocky gorges, creating surprising canyons and swimming pools along the way. The river and its tributaries arouse natural beauty lovers and adventurous water sports seekers like wildwater kayaking, rafting, canyoning, etc. A famous fish lives in the Soča River–the Soča Trout, attracting fishermen from all over the world. The mountainous countryside above the Soča River was the scene of World War I's largest mountain battle in history. 

The Soča river is characterized by it's incredible colors:  sparkling light green a symbol of new life. The precious stone and the river share the harmony of transparent green light, colorful peacefulness and refreshment. A journey walk along the Soča river is a relaxing beautiful walk, looking like emeralds. Is is the soul of Tolmin and Bovec an eternal feature of the Alps? It is famous for very good kayaking, but you have to possess excellent kayak qualities, because some passes are dangerous and by heavy water very challenges. Also the fishing is famous here, if you like the trout, very nice fish. The popular 19th century poet Simon Gregorčič, once called it ‘the clear daughter of the mountains’.  This region is really known for hike with family, do not forget to hike in the gorge.

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