Jokulsarlon Lagoon Camping


AWAYN IMAGE Jokulsarlon Lagoon Camping
AWAYN IMAGE Jokulsarlon Lagoon Camping
AWAYN IMAGE Jokulsarlon Lagoon Camping

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Jökulsárlón is the most famous lagoon of glaciers in Iceland. Conveniently located on Route 1, around halfway between the Skaftafell Nature Reserve and Höfn, it is a popular stop for those traveling along the country's South Coast or Ring Road.

Stunning glaciers are floating and drifting in the lagoon. The real highlight though is the black sand beach across the street, where a piece of ice and small glaciers have drifted ashore. 


We camped overnight nearby and woke up to complete darkness, and as the sun started to rise, a gem unfolded. 


Icebergs, seals, and the unforgettable diamond beach which is a 10 min walk over the bridge. My tips for this area: Hire a campervan. See the real gems of Iceland. It’s a 4-hour drive from Reykjavík but believe me, it’s worth it. Try to get there for sunrise, remember this is very different in winter to summer. I loved the winter time. Visit the diamond beach at night. I don’t think many people do this. You will be pleasantly surprised. If you shine a light under the ice on the black sand, it indeed looks like diamonds are sticking out of the beach. Phenomenal! 

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