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Kamchatka Peninsula

If you are a nature lover, Kamchatka is well worth a visit! Kamchatka offers vast, untouched wilderness with opportunities to see wildlife and landscapes like no other. Whatever visa you have for Russia, it won't allow you to go to Kamchatka. To get a visa for Kamchatka you have to contact an unbelievably expensive travel agent that will arrange the visa for you. There are a couple of things that are reachable only by helicopter (two or three volcanoes), but you can perfectly go to Kamchatka on your own, take a public bus, visit an attraction, eat in a normal restaurant, etc. Actually, if you don't take the helicopter to go on the top of that volcano you don't loose anything, because, even though such volcanoes are beautiful, you can find similar attractions in many other places in the world such as Iceland, New Zealand, Alaska, Indonesia. Kamchatka has many unique things, but excursions on a volcano with a helicopter are not among them.We encountered humpback whale, killer whale, spot seal sea lion, sea otter and a lot of sea birds like puffin, stellar sea eagle & etc. during the sea journey. We also encountered brown bear family in the wild and got many salmon in the river. Also, the hot spring there was simply marvelous. Highly recommend a visit to Kamchatka and Lost World is a reliable, efficient operator with a long track record in the area.


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