Kayak in The Tama River (多摩川)


AWAYN IMAGE Kayak in The Tama River (多摩川)
AWAYN IMAGE Kayak in The Tama River (多摩川)
AWAYN IMAGE Kayak in The Tama River (多摩川)
AWAYN IMAGE Kayak in The Tama River (多摩川)
AWAYN IMAGE Kayak in The Tama River (多摩川)

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This is a great place! About 2 hrs by train from Tokyo, but quite simple to get there. When you get to Mitake station take a bus to the gondola and I would recommend taking the gondola up to the halfway point.

The river Tamagawa is a first-class river that crosses the metropolis of Tokyo and the prefectures of Yamanashi and Kanagawa. It is difficult to think that there are such transparent waters flowing from their source through the hills in Tokyo. Over the four seasons, the surrounding nature displays its beauty. The diverse currents and natural valleys where water flows from springs accommodate a number of companies providing a range of river operations.

The Tamagawa River has become a mecca from across the nation for canoers and kayakers. Beginners can also love rafting, or in latest years SUP has become popular. You can also experience the feeling of the flow of mountain streams by river boat, or by going on a shorter canyoning course for yourself–a newly offered service that has been growing. This is a famous tourist place that many males and females of all ages have visited.

 You can enjoy the "Mitake-Keikoku" valley mountain streams-named one of a hundred popular water spots-or take in the "Shiromaru-ko" lake, encircled by highly wooded hills and bathed in silence. A visit to Japan's Satoyama inhabitants will bring you back in contact with tradition's ongoing pulse.

これは素晴らしい場所です!東京から電車で約2時間ですが、そこにはとても簡単です。 Mitake駅に着いたら、ゴンドラへのバスに乗り、ゴンドラを途中まで持って行くことをお勧めします。また、ケーブルカーでピークの半分に達した後、この部分から東京のスカイツリーを含む景色を楽しむと、別のリフター(スイングのように見える)を使用して次の停留所に進み、100人分しか支払わなかった。次の停留所では、人々は通常、とても素敵な場所でランチを持っています。日本のファストフードレストランもあります。

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