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Kayaking and Airboating in The Peace River

Peace River is in Charlotte County in Punta Gorda, Florida. This is in the southwest part of Florida. 


The originating point is Saddle Creek and Peace Creek, which is northeast of Bartow in Polk County.

It flows south and passes through Fort Meade to Arcadia and southwest into the Charlotte Harbor estuary.

The river measures 106 miles long and the drainage basin is 1,367 square miles. A large part of the river runs parallel to US Highway 17.

On Spanish maps, this river was called Rio de Paz. Other maps have it written as Peas Creek or Pease Creek. The Indian name for this river is Talakchopcohatchee, which means river of long peas.

Cities along this river include Wauchula, Fort Meade, and Zolfo Springs. It is a freshwater river and serves an essential role in balancing the salinity of the Charlotte Harbor area. It hosts endangered species as well as fish, shrimp, and crabs. 


Historically, it was home to the Calusa and the Caloosahatchee people. The river provides fresh drinking water to six million people daily.

Many people enjoy the Peace River and its recreational activities. One of the unique features of the Peace River is the large number of fossils that are present. 


The northern watershed of the Peace River is an area known as Bone Valley. Fossils dating from the Pleistocene and Miocene era. Sharks teeth are a significant find here. 

Canoeing is one of the most popular activities on the Peace River as well as kayaking and paddleboarding. Arcadia is the launch point of the 70 miles day paddling trail. There are campgrounds as well along the water, and some people will canoe camp. See Florida species like mangroves, cypress, alligators, osprey, and glossy ibis.


There are restaurants in the Fisherman’s Village as well as different shops and lodging options.





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