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Photograph sunrise in Haleakalā National Park

This special place vibrates with ancient and modern Hawaiian culture stories and protects the connection between the land and its people. The Park also looks after endangered species, some of which do not exist elsewhere. Visit this special place-renew your spirit in the midst of strong volcanic landscapes and subtropical rainforest with an unforgettable backcountry hike. 

Getting to photograph the sunrise requires reservations (sometimes a month in advance) as well as getting up at 4 am to experience it, but when you reach the top, then you are above the sky!! Remember You MUST go to the Park's website and make a reservation for your visit for $1.50. (sunrise only) No exceptions, you can't drive to the summit without one. 

The park visit is $20. Be warned, it gets super cold at the summit before sunrise, but as I said, it's worth it. 

Also, many people go up the mountain for sunset and say it is great too. (no reservation required) We didn't hike any of the trails as they all looked a bit too challenging for us, but the view from the summit is breathtaking; the drive is exciting both up and down, and no matter when you go, you will be in awe of this mountain. 


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