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Kerid a lake filled volcanic crater

Kerið is a volcanic crater lake in the Grímsnes area of South Iceland. It is close to the three major sites that include Iceland’s world-famous Golden Circle sightseeing route and thus makes for the perfect detour for those on visiting these landmarks. Kerið is about three thousand years old, rendering it almost half the age of most of Iceland's active calderas. This is the main reason why the slopes of Kerið are red instead of a volcanic black; the concentrations of iron are new, geologically speaking. 

You must remember that This place must look quite different depending on the time of day and weather. 

The thing about this place is that you need to have realistic expectations so if you are traveling to Kerið crater alone, please be aware that there is a small entrance fee, of 400 ISK (about two Euros, or three US dollars). This is only to help the landowners preserve and protect the crater; after all, it is on privately owned land.


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