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Killarney Hike

There are six hiking trails at Killarney in total and La Cloche Silhouette Trail takes a full 10 days to complete (this one is labelled strenuous
), according to Ontario Parks. The 6 km "The Crack" trail is another popular difficult route, however, the park recommends starting early and to be in somewhat good shape to reach the top (pictured here). This is a great provincial park to visit for 1 or 2 days. My favorite trails: 1) The Crack. 6 km 2) Lake of the Woods. 3.5 km 3) Chikanishing. 3 km Parking fee is C$14.50 per day. You can stay overnight in one motels in Sudbury (~$85/night including tax) or in Killarney for a double price.


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