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Kilwa Kisiwani Ruins

Away from the usual touristic path of the traveler to Tanzania, Kilwa Kisiwani offer a beautiful idea of how the Swahili cost must have looked when the Oman used to live here. Located off the coast of Tanzania, Kilwa Kisiwani ("fish island") was once the center of one of the largest empires in East Africa.

During this time, great structures were built that are now stunning ruins, all that is left of the late empire. One of the most impressive ruins is the Great Mosque, the oldest standing mosque on the East African coast, which has 16 domes supported by many arches and pillars. Another amazing site is the Husuni Kubwa Palace, which overlooks the island from above and was once the largest building in sub-Saharan Africa. You have to register at the local antiquities office for a permit to visit the island, it's simple admin, when we arrived, no one had visited the island for 2 weeks. You must take a local dhow to the island.



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