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Shoot the Northern lights Mount Kirkjufell

Grundarfjörður's magnificent mountain and one of the most photographed mountain in Iceland. Its secluded location extending out into the sea makes it a focal point for tourists and sailors alike. Surrounded by beaches, Kirkjufell has a lovely walking trail around it as well as a more challenging climb up to the top where bird and fish fossils can be found (guide is recommended). The best part of this Kirkjufell is its northern lights.  It is a cost-effective way to enjoy one of the most beautiful natural phenomena’s on the planet. A family-friendly event, large groups of people are usually in awe when they see it for the first time. Many visitors and locales watch the Northern Lights during winter. (Winter in Iceland is like winter anywhere else, and as long as you are taking proper precautions you will be fine.)

Driving straight to Kirkjufell from Reykjavik would take you 2 hours. 

There are plenty of driving tours and even boat tours assigned to the Northern Lights just make sure you are looking into any of these type of tours that has an option to see the lights for free a second time if you don’t see them the first time. That is an important guarantee since anything is possible when it comes to the Northern Lights.

If you decided to visit this place on your own remember that you can park in the main parking area just in front of the mountain or down the road (just a short walk away) and snap some fantastic photos of the mountain. If you cross the road, there is a beautiful waterfall area where you can also have fantastic views of the mountain. Worth the stop!


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