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Lindarbakki Turf House in Borgarfjörður-Eystri

The majority of Icelanders used to live in turf houses in the olden days, but bu 1966  most people moved out of the turf houses. There is still one turf house, which is inhabited in the summertime, and that is Lindarbakki turf house, a privately owned turf house. It is one of only a handful of turf houses in Iceland which is still inhabited.

This cute, red house is located in the small fishing town on the island of Borgarfjörður Eystri. According to the description, the house date back to 1899, with the majority of the woodworking done in 1934. The inside of the house is about 30 square meters, it’s heated by an old oil heater and is provided by a well, accessible from a cellar.

The shed, also made with turf construction, was added later by the current owner. It’s a shining example of an Icelandic turf house, a traditional dwelling born from the hardships of the environment.



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