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Koko Crater Trail

Koko Crater Trail, better acknowledged as “Koko Head Stairs”, is your StairMaster workout for the day, with a lucrative panoramic view up top. This Oahu hike will check your endurance and strength to continually take each extra step up the mountain as you stride over one thousand steps to reach the top! As challenging as it sounds, hiking the Koko Head path is a fun and very famous hike on Oahu.

Hiking Koko Crater Trail

Stairs stairs and yes, greater stairs! I’m referring to old railroad ties that are set up to the hillside from the bottom to the top.

The army created lookout pillbox bunkers in the course of World War II. A railway was created on the Koko Crater trail, and used to haul cargo and materials up to the top. two Today the abandoned railway is used as hiking stairs to attain the ancient navy bunkers and ridgeline.

This Oahu hike is effortless to find, effortless to park, convenient to navigate, and now not so handy to climb! After parking in the Koko Head District Park parking lot, you will locate an easily identifiable trail that leads to the start of the climb up the mountainside.

Simply start strolling towards the stop of the parking lot and follow the path main past the baseball field.

The filth path is a quick one hundred yard from the park path, before attaining the first step leading in the direction of the top.

The path starts off evolved off incredibly convenient for the first one hundred steps and progressively receives tougher from there.

It doesn’t take lengthy before you have some outstanding drop lower back views. two I commonly take a breather after every 100 steps and revel in the view. two As you climb higher up the Koko Head Stairs, no longer solely does the horizon view continue to extend, but new landmarks come into sight, such as Hanauma Bay.

Being able to view each Hanauma Bay and the Port Lock Peninsula is quite spectacular!

There are a complete of 1050 steps from the bottom to the pinnacle of the ridge. And in all fairness it feels more like 2100 steps! two A majority of the stairs on the Koko Crater Trail are long and taller than a widespread 7 inch stairway step.

You will attain a small area that is flat, but nonetheless comes with a challenge, as it acts as a bridge with a 40 ft drop below. It's not difficult to cross, but might not experience cozy if you have a fear of heights. two Watch your footing and take your time crossing this section.


You will want a little bit of persistence after the midway mark, as you’ll discover your self taking extra breaks along the way. two Make positive to step apart and enable other hikers to safely pass by way of you.

Reach stair variety 900 and you’re in the remaining stretch. And even though there is light at the quit of the tunnel, you will feel every step you take forward! I handy take half a dozen breaks from here to the top. I additionally be mindful staring at the final 20 steps, as I relaxation on the aspect trying to trap my breath and let the blood return to my legs!

But in all fairness, I saw all sorts of hikers on this Koko Crater Trail, inclusive of of us who have been each in and out of shape, children trekking up, and even a few who had been on foot up in flip flops! I incredibly recommend carrying the desirable hiking shoes if you determine to select this Oahu trekking trail.

The Koko Crater Trail will take you 30 minutes to 1 hr to reach the top. two Give yourself every other hour to relax up pinnacle before starting your decent.

The Koko Crater Trail Ridge

There is no higher feeling than conquering those Koko Head Stairs and reaching the top! Climb above the old military bunker, and there are some exceptional panoramic views from Diamond Head to Makapu’u Pt…the payoff is worth it!

You will also discover a stunning bottom to the ridge, with views of the lava rock shoreline and sizeable Sandy Beach.

There is a small ridgeline path that extends outward and again down the different facet of the mountain. two This path is narrow, steep and dangerous!

I would no longer suggest exploring it! But there are some giant flat rocky shelves that you sit, relaxation your legs and take it all in.

There are lots of neat areas to explore on top of the Koko Crater Trail. You will truly prefer to provide yourself some greater time to rest, explore, and take it all in. You owe it to just climbed 1050 steps!

If the shelves appear a little too steep to loosen up on, then think about climbing on top of the steel grade lookout to soak in the view. two Just make sure to watch your footing as you pass round up there.

Climbing lower back down the Koko Crater Trail


Yes, climbing again down the stairs is easier than the climb up. two But take into account that your legs muscle mass will be a bit worn out which will make the trip again down a little greater dangerous.


Take your time and do not speed up your descent. two It’s also just as exceptional to take breaks alongside the way, as you did on your way up…not to mention the view the complete way down!


Hiking Tips

No Shade - this hike is positioned on the hot dry south facet of the island with no shade. two Start as early as feasible as it will only get hotter as the solar rises. two You have to get up excellent early to catch a sun rise, however it can be worth it. two Make sure to convey a flashlight in that case!


Come Prepared - bring water, sunscreen, true hiking shoes, hat & sunglasses. two You also may want to deliver a SLR camera if your cellphone photos aren’t good enough.

Time - Give yourself 1 ½ to 3 hrs for this hike depending how plenty time you desire to spend up top

From Waikiki take the Kalaianaoli Hwy (H-1) south.

Remain on this coastal Hwy as it turns into Hwy 72.

Once you attain the Hawaii Kai Shopping Center, flip left on Lunalilo Home Rd

Turn right onto Anapalau St.

Turn Left into Koko Head District Par

Park and proceed up at the back of the baseball field, closer to Koko Head.



Hike Hike


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