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Hike to Roški slap Waterfall

Called by the locals the "necklace" for its beautiful lush vegetation, mills, and pillars this six waterfall of The seven waterfalls of the Krka River is exceptionally breathtaking.

The gorge in this section stretches into a funnel shape. The beginning of the travertine stones is made up of a series of small cascades, while the middle portion is made up of numerous backwaters and islands. 

The main waterfall is found at the end of the barrier where the Krka River falls 15 meters into Visovac Lake. 

In 1910, on the right bank of the river, the Roški slap hydroelectric plant was constructed. Over the waterfall, there is a road that dates back to Roman times.

On both riverbanks, there are numerous mills that have been restored and are fully functional. Next to the mills, there is a restored pillar for wool production and a valjavica for washing fabrics, that all have a distinct cultural and historical importance in the history of this country. 

To get here: 

From the Promina side, you can enter the waterfall via the road Drniš-Širitovci. Also and from the Bukovac side, you can reach the waterfall from the village of Laškovica. From Šibenik, you can reach Roški slap via the roads Šibenik-Pakovo-Ključ-Širitovci or Šibenik-Skradin-Dubravice-Rupe-Laškovica. 


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