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Relax by Kvalvika beach

After a comparatively easy 45-1-hour hike, Kvalvika is the most popular but smallest of the three beaches. At high tide, the beach is split into two regions, the larger right side, and a smaller beach on the left, beyond the rocks. Set deep in a wide bay around Kvalvika, a ring of high mountains.

The biggest views of Kvalvika are not from the beach itself, but from the slopes of Ryten, the 500-meter elevated mountain overlooking the right side of the beach. Kvalvika also makes a great location for a camping night or two, with plenty of places to pitch a tent on the flat grassy dunes at the back of the beach–though it's a popular place these days, so don't expect to be alone.

Getting there Take the E10 from anywhere on Lofoten to Fredvang. After leaving the E10 and crossing the twin bridges, turn left into Fredvang and continue along the highway through the village. After about 3 km (from the turn) you will see a red vessel shed on the left near the water. Immediately after this, 7-8 cars will have a large enough paved parking turnout. Park here, please.

You will see steps of stone going up the mountain in front of the parking area.  At the start of the trail, a new wooden bridge was constructed to avoid the previous boggy sections. After 10-15 minutes, you will mostly be clear of the trees and move towards the center of the pass. Here the elevation rise is gentle as you take the path between the two mountains. After about 30-40 minutes you will reach the top of the pass and begin the descent to the beach. The route becomes steep and rocky here in places, and if wet, quite slippery. If you can see, if you are in the clouds, go down to the beach or the sound of waves. You should arrive about 1 hour after you leave the car park at the flat, grassy hills at the back of the beach. 


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