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Lago di Federa Hike

One of the classics of the Dolomites is walking around Croda da Lago. It demonstrates all the beauty of the Cortina Dolomites and all the variety of the environment: great panoramic views of the Cortina basin and Monte Pelmo and Civetta, dreamy lovely countryside of the Lago Federa, wild rocky towers of the crest of the Croda da Lago. That's why it's so popular this walk. 

Leave your vehicle in the park at Pescul and take the little street that begins from the last house on the left of the small village. Walk to the pic nic region for about a kilometer. Take the filthy street uphill on the left. Cross the Cordon creek bridge, where there is an ARPAV station. Here are some boards with information about the region and archeological results from Mondeval. Follow the n trail. 466, across the valley. At the top, follow the same CAI route that leads to "Ambrizzola Forcella." Here the surrounding panorama of the Dolomites is lovely: on the left the Croda da Lago Group and on the right the incredible pyramid of "Becco di Mezzodì." Just below the lovely Cortina d'Ampezzo valley, the tops of the Sorapis and the Mount Antelao, the Pelmo and the Fedare Lake with the Palmieri Rifugio. Go back on the n track. 434 Upper Via n. 1 You're at your target in 1 hour.


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