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Lake Accotink Trail

For picturesque views of the lake and surrounding forest and marsh habitat, walk or bike along the main trail. There is a prevalence of waterfowl and other birds. A typical sight in the warmer months for nature-lovers is a line-up of painted Eastern tortoises sunny on logs in the coves. The single-track trails take you up to the higher ground where loneliness is common and the forest seems to be endless. You may forget where you are until you hear on the Norfolk-Southern Railway the sound of an express train. Listen closely to the whoosh of approaching bikes around the bend or leaves rustling as walkers and their dogs amble along. Enjoy safe and peaceful paths by following and encouraging others to follow the rules and regulations of the trail, including staying on the right and giving way to walkers..

The trail is mostly gravel and rock but outlets into a residential area with sidewalk. The path is mostly very wide and great views of the lake and nature. The lake has hourly paddle boat and canoe rentals, as well as mini golf and a carousel. It was a nice walk that anyone could do


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