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Lake Berryesa and Stebbins Cold Canyon Loop Trail

As a UC Davis Alumni, I MUST suggest you visit this beautiful trail. This is a real fun and moderate to advanced loop (depending on your fitness level). There are a few spots where you may want to be careful not to slip, a few open areas on the ridge could result in a bad fall. I prefer taking the Blueridge Trail up and the hairy switchback steps of the Homestead Trail on the way down. Bring water always, just in case, when it hits 80 degrees and sunny it gets toasty. The ridges are fully exposed, as well as the Blueridge trail. The Homestead trail had nice cover for the way down or up, whichever you prefer. Dogs are welcomed but our friends' yellow lab refused to walk half way through and we had to carry the poor guy all the way down.  So PLEASE bring enough water for yourself and your dogs.   Tips: 1. Avoid hiking in hot weather. 2. No water on site! Bring lots of water; leave water in a cooler for your return to the car. 3. There is an abundance of poison oak along the trail and there are deer ticks in the foliage. Don't stray away from the trail and wear long socks and pants.  


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