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Lake Blanche- SL

I live very close to this place so I can visit the lake frequently, and lordy this hike is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful hike. One of my favorites. We were not expecting so much room at the top by the lake. There were many places to sit and not feel crowded.There was a lot of variety in trees and on the trail. Seemed very popular but for a reason. It was calm (as far as wind) at the top and very relaxing. There is a small rock quarry about 3/4 of the way up. Keep to the right. We had a couple people ask which way going back down. If you are going hiking, bring food, water and some form of element protection. We were asked by multiple groups "if they were close" but they weren't even half way. I want people to be safe out there and not get in over their heads. Please know what you are getting yourself into and please be safe, and do not bring your dogs.


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