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Mountain bike around the Lago di Garda (Lake Grada)

Lake Garda is such a huge area with many villages and towns and all with their own attractions and also all the mountain areas as well. There are many highlights and some can be told, such as the town of Malcesine that has a lovely medieval castle and across the road are the cable cars to the top of Mont Baldo that give breathtaking views of the lake and have some stunning easy mountain walks. Or how about Sirmione with its big medieval castle on the peninsula and lovely small medieval streets with quaint shops and restaurants. Riva nestled at the foot of the mountains is so beautiful and right on the northern tip of the Lake and there is a stunning waterfall just 4 km away.

Of course a boat ride to maybe Garda and back again can be also be amazing, just taking in the veiws of the surrounding scenery. Lake Garda is so amazing and has millions to offer. If you are on a day trip or are here for 2 weeks you will not be disappointed. Do a little research and get a good guide book or buy one when you arrive and you will not miss out. Yes the other lakes in Northern Italy are fantastic however Lake Garda is the big daddy. You will not have a bad time if you do a bit of research.


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