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Kepler Track Trail Head Lake Te Anau walk

Lake Te Anau is huge and is surrounded by amazingly beautiful jagged mountains. No matter where you are and where you look you are overwhelmed by nature's beauty. Easy to walk around to the shops, restaurants, movie theatre, DOC headquarters and other tourist attractions. Plenty of motels, supermarket, swimming pool.Starting from car park to Iris Burn and then from Iris Burn back via Luxmore. Most people follow the DOC path which is car park to Luxmore and then Iris Burn. I personally think my journey has the best view. The first day is very flat and the 2nd day is quite challenging. From Iris Burn to Luxmore, the first 2 hours is uphill climb. After that, spectacle view of mountains. The weather in morning is very nice (it gets very windy in the afternoon and that is why I recommend the Iris Burn to Luxmore). The shelter is a great place to stop for lunch. Plus you could hangout with Kea (who always looks for your food, be careful with your backpack). In Luxmore hut, there is a cave nearby, if you dare, it is pretty deep and make sure to go with a friend.


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