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Aura Surf Resort

Aura Surf Resort is an exclusive surfing resort on a large unexplored island in Northern Sumatra. No crowds and ease of access make this one of the most attractive surf destinations in the world. With over 10 secret spots catering for surfers of all calibers, hundreds of untouched beaches, and stunning remote outer islands, this pristine location offers interest to every tropical surf traveller.   et amongst 15,000sqm of beachfront parkland with an epic PEAK break right out the front. Mountainous jungle the backdrop. No crowds, more than 10 secret spots within 1 hour boat or bike ride away. Most within 20 mins. The Peak out the front rarely drops below 3 to 4 feet and is usually 4 to 6 feet. Waves range from easy beach breaks to heaving 10t+ grinding barrels. The region has the longest fetch out of any Indonesian Island. It picks up the full brunt of south swells as it sticks out at more of an angle than the other islands and is at the top of a 6km deep x 800mile + trench. Swells received here have a longer period, longer lines and barrels. As the area is located in the doldrums more often than not there is no wind. When there is wind it is from a local storm which usually passes within 2 hrs and leaves a glass off shore breeze. Water is very warm and very clear.


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