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Short Day Hike at Landmannalaugar

Landmannalaugar in Iceland is a geothermal nature reserve in the southern highlands. The region is known for its soothing hot springs, brightly colored peaks, steam plumes, and bright blue lakes. 

Landmannalaugar means the "peoples' pools," named for its unique hot spring pools that have warmed up Icelanders for centuries.

The hiking distance from Landmannalaugar to Landmannahellir is about 16,5 kilometers long. It starts at 590 meters above sea level and ends at the same level. First, you must cross the rugged Laugahraun lave field, then to the right along the western edge of the lava field, which is the small alluvial plain of Vondugilsaurar. 

From there, the trail ascends the ridge Uppgonguhryggur, where it continues over the highest point, 823 meters, to valley Domadalur. At Domadalshals, it is possible to choose one of two possible trails, past the western side of lake Lifrarfjallavatn, and the northern side of lake Lodmundarvatn to Hellisfjall to the huts at Landmannahellir.

 Hiking time 5-7 hours. Landmannalaugar and Landmannahellir hikers are enabled to catch buses in either direction by the bus company, Reykjavik Excursions.

The camp Landmannalaugar has a "mountain mall" where you can grab last-minute supplies and food. It's the only spot along the trail to stock up. There is also a small bar/restaurant at the Álftavatn. The Volcano Huts in Thórsmörk also has a buffet-style restaurant and bar where you can get a delicious hot meal and drinks.

One thing I would say that I was not prepared for is the flies. I've never experienced the volume of flies buzzing into your face anywhere. I would advise bringing a hat with an attached flynet to keep them out of your face. That will significantly enhance the experience.

Check out as many side-hikes as you can...there are many magical spots along the way. 


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