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Visit Landwasser Viaduct, Filisur

There are 2 walks to view the Viaduct, one which goes to the viewing platform and the other which follows the river to the base of the viaduct. Both start outside the FILISUR train station and there are several large boards with maps and information. Both walks start on the road going to the right ( not the path going down the hill). Follow the road until it takes a sharp bend to the left. The walk to the platform is indicated to the road going right which passes under a bridge and then there is a path leaving off the road on the left. It is a good quality path and takes 15min to reach the viewing platform at the end of the path. There are quite a few good view points as you walk but keep going to the end as the last view at the platform is the best. There is a branch off path about 10min walking which leads down the hill and does join up with the river path. Quality of path is not as good but follow the red/white signs. The SECOND PATH is not as easy to follow. As above when you leave the station and follow road you will pass the branch to viewing platform but continue for another 10m and there is another path leading off to the right. The sign post says Viaduct Sud and Schmidt Station. Follow path down the hill for 10minutes, cross over river to car park next to road. Follow river path, quite flat, for 15minutes until you come to base of viaduct. Very impressive from the bottom. Both walks are very manageable on good paths, 20min for viewing platform, 30min for the base. There is a good cafe when you return to the station with cold beers, tea/coffee and a variety of cakes. Lovely views over the valley before catching the train. Its a great place for short walks.


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