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Hike up for a view at Playa de Papagayo

A visit to Lanzarote must include a visit to the Papagayo beaches were the natural beauty of the Island torches the beauty of the Atlantic surf . For a fee of 3euros you have the choice of several beaches in this magnificent natural car those who want to trek in there is no fee just follow the trails and admire the views on route Small, light sand, clear blue water beach. Not crowded at all. Difficult access since it's just in between cliffs, you should be fit to do a little trekking and climbing. I was at the hotel mirador del papagayo, so by foot it would take 20-25 minutes to get there. If you're a bit of an explorer you can also climb the sea rocks to get to close tinny beaches. It's a beautiful place! One of the highlights of my trip to lanzarote undoubtedly! The result will be spectacular views ..tranquility..


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