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Le Vieux Moulin de Vernon ( the Old Mill of Vernon )

Le Vieux Moulin or Old Mill is one of the most scenic spots that you can find in this part of Normandy, France. Located in the beautiful village of Vernon, the Old Mill is a beautiful landmark built on the top of a bridge over river Seine. The bridge was built in the 12th century, while the mill dates from the 16th century, and was a great inspiration for many painters, including the great Monet who dedicated one of his best paintings from 1883 to Le Vieux Moulin. The painting is called “Houses on the Old Bridge at Vernon”, exposed in the New Orleans Museum of Art. 

The mill is not open for visitors, but you can still go near it and explore the spectacular flower gardens that surround it. It's only a couple of miles from Giverny from where you can take a morning tour and see this charming old mill. 

The interesting thing about the mill is that is standing on only two old pillars of the bridge, almost looking like floating above the ground. Standing by this gorgeous site will make you feel like looking back in the past and being part of a postcard. 

Le Vieux Moulin is a perfect place to have a picnic breakfast while enjoying the river and the flower park. 

After visiting the mill, you can take a stroll down the charming village of Vernon, and if feeling like having a rural vacation, then you can book a room in one of the bed and breakfast that this village has to offer. Vernon makes for an extraordinary romantic getaway, taking you back in time and breathing with the artistic charm of the past. 

The best time to visit Vernon and the Old Mill is during spring and summer when the flower gardens are displaying their true beauty. Good luck!



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