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Snowboarding shenanegans lech Vorarlberg, Austria

Lech am Arlberg is a mountain village and an exclusive ski resort in the Bludenz district in the Austrian state of Vorarlberg on the banks of the river Lech. In terms of both geography and history, Lech belongs to the Tannberg district. In tourist terms, however, it is part of the Arlberg region. Lech is administered together with the neighbouring villages of Zürs, Zug, Oberlech and Stubenbach. This shot was taken during a shoot in Voralberg, Austria for a shoot for Rome Snowboards. It was a very snowy day and weren’t really sure if we could get anything that day. When we came on the mountain we could barely see 10 meters away but we found that spot and started preparing it. The snow falls got less and Björn started riding the spot and stomped this super stylish Method pretty quickly. The trick itself and the foggy mood just after the snow fall give this shot something very calm and relaxing.


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