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Leith Hill Tower

Leith Hill is one of the best hike hills and walks ever been to in Dorking. If you are interested to come along and plan your walks with your friends to enjoy the most beautiful scenery to see around in Surrey. To enhance the views there is the 250 year tower (free to NT members, £2 otherwise), however to get to the top, there is a tight spiral stair case which some may find difficult. That said it's well worth it with the nice touch of free telescopes at the top. For cyclists, there are lots of routes up here. Most have quite steep pitches (15% in patches from Dorking up to Coldharbour).. Unfortunately, most of the routes up are also badly surfaced, at least in patches. My favourite routes up are probably Broomehall Road or Anstie Lane, as they are very quiet and mostly open (so you see more - unless you are stem gazing a la Chris Froome).


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