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Li River Valley

Flowing from Guilin to Yangshuo with a distance of 83 kilometers lays The Li River. One of the major attractions sideways the Li River is Seven-Star Park. This river is the most written about waterway in China. Additionally the top sites along the river features: Ox Gorge, Pagoda Hill, Duxu Ancient Town, and the Forest of Odd Shaped Peaks. The tour guides acquaint with tourists to a range of fragments: each one of them has a captivating story about its origin. Elephant Trunk Hill gazes like an elephant pulling on water from the river. Pagoda Hill has a pagoda from Ming Dynasty since centuries. Boating end to end the Li River may raise the value of the amazing Guilin Karst rolling hills and local lifestyle. The best part of the Li River cruise is between Xingping to Yangshuo. The well-designed aesthetically natural hills along the Li River are fascinating. 

See in your mind's eye farmers and fishermen traversing these waters thousands of years ago, the addition of engines couldn’t change the primitive lifestyles of people as they are living their lives the way they have for centuries.  Laundry is still done on the rivers banks, people wash away their pots and dishes in these waters and women poised seaweed by hand.  A 12 km Crown Cave is a different striking site, along with more karstic peaks and villages. The tourists get to witness a realistic fishing practice here: the local fishermen use cormorants that dive into water and catch a fish. Market, shops and old town are also likely to be visited during the tour. 

Kayaking in the Li River is full of fun; Hiking along the Li River can be a terrific experience, too. On the whole, you’ll experience that cruising on the Li River is just like going into an orthodox Chinese ink painting. Roaming in a Chinese ink painting is just like breathing in a fairyland. The place is so spectacular and breath taking that it’s in fact printed on the back of the 20 Yuan notes. The Lingqu River Canal tracks sideways the Li River which was dug in 214 BC and is the World’s oldest canal that still exists.



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