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Lime Kiln Trail

Very well maintained trail!. The trail consists of several crossings to be aware of; Y Beam, three or so log crossings (about 5-6' crossing) with no hand assistance. The log crossings have traction wire to prevent slipping.Trail was quite muddy in places, so either be prepared to have wet feet or wear waterproof boots! Towards the end of the trail there is a large tree across the trail that has been fashioned into a step of sorts. The trail is mostly sheltered from direct sunlight but can get buggy at times. Shortly before the Lime Kiln you'll begin to notice random objects, remnants of the railroad co., saw blades, rail tracks and beams etc.. Finally you'll approach the Lime Kiln. The kiln is very well preserved and rather impressive, covered in gorgeous fronds and saplings. Beyond the kiln is the end of the trail which consists of a small loop. Ignore the loop initially and walk down to take a look at the old rail bridge. Only the support beams of the bridge exist today but they are solid and a great place to climb up and have lunch over the crystal flowing river. The bank to the former bridge is steep so know your limits and be sure you'll be able to climb back up. Taking the same trail back get back on the loop. Mid way through are a few paths down to the river bank. Late summer and fall there is beach exposure-makes for a great swim and picnic area. Winter through spring it's a death trap--stay back! The trail back from the completed loop will be completely familiar, take your time and enjoy the sounds of the river to your right. This trail is surrounded by a few stretches of private property so be mindful of trespassing. No bathrooms available that I noticed-be careful of above plants when leaving the trail!


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