Lofoten Archipelago in Norway


AWAYN IMAGE Lofoten Archipelago in Norway
AWAYN IMAGE Lofoten Archipelago in Norway
AWAYN IMAGE Lofoten Archipelago in Norway
AWAYN IMAGE Lofoten Archipelago in Norway

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The Lofoten are a great place for hiking. In winter you can experience the polar lights.. In summer however, the weather is much better and one can really enjoy the mountains, sea and local villages. So make sure you plan your trip in the right time of the year: http://www.yr.no/place/Norge/Nordland/Flakstad/Lofoten/statistics.html. I am a great fan of hiking and so we ended up doing around 7 hikes in 2 weeks time. The nature is just beautiful. We used a local website I found online to plan all our trips http://www.hiking-lofoten.net. Be aware that Norway can be a quite expensive country to stay in for a long period. However, we hired a car and made use of the countries open laws towards camping in the wild. You can pop up a tent anywhere you want as long as its not right in somebodies backyard. If you love nature, mountains and wildlife this is certainly the holiday for you!

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