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Ride the waves of Lopes Mendes Beach

Most beautiful authentic beach I have ever seen. Amazingly clear water and beautiful white sand. he hike from Abraao is a solid 2.5 hours (pack plenty of water and snacks), and takes you past two quiet cove beaches with soft waves. Once you make it to the last beach, schedule a return boat (~R$15-20 per person, depending), and go enjoy a couple hours at Lopes. It's a 20 minute hike up and hill and over to the ocean side, and it's breathtaking. There are stands which sell beers and water, but expect to pay a premium (they have to do the hike too). The sandy is squeaky white, perfect for paddleball, and the water is sensational. The waves are perfect since both is facing the open sea. Lopes Mendes is so well known and popular with surfers, who a few years ago, organized a surf championship by locals and worthy trophy and cash prize for the winner of the competition. Even Luciano Huck (surfer-carrying) gave a drop by there at the time.


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