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Lost Sea Tennessee

Since June 1965, this summer marks the 54th year that the Lost Sea has been in business as the wonderful family attraction lays The Lost Sea Adventure. This underground body of water is part of a vast series of caves known as Craighead Caverns. Whitestone provides a great home base from which to venture out toward a variety of East Tennessee attractions. It is located in Sweetwater, Tennessee, just 7 miles off of I-75 covering an area of over 4 1/2 acres and is located 140 feet below the entrance. Despite the fact on the tour, you will learn about stalactites, stalagmites and anthodities, a very rare crystal cave formation. The entire part of Tennessee is made of limestone and was once the bottom of an ocean. Some 65 million years ago the floor of the ocean rose and became exposed to the earth’s surface. Its groundwater wind-swept the soft limestone creating way for a series of irregular caves of which the Lost Sea is the lowest. 

The Lost Sea is open every day except for Christmas Day. Their gift shops in the village are open for business seasonally. You will witness bunches of flower crystals, anthodites, stalactites protruding from the ceilings, and stalagmites growing out of the ground. Water which is heavy with minerals trickles silently onto the floor. In the corner of the cave, the 700 foot-high Emerald Falls is enclosed in a greenish grotto-mist that earns it its name.

Wild cave tours are available for groups by appointment only and include a regular cavern tour as well as an exciting tour into the undeveloped cave rooms where one crawls through cracks, crevices, nooks, and crannies.

You might want to either before or after your tour visit the Lost Sea Village where there are several shops or take a walk on our self-guided Nature Trail. The gift shops in the Village are open seasonally.



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