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Luisenburg Rock Labyrinth

Luisenburg rock labyrinth is amazing to look at! The Luisenburg rock labyrinth story in Wunsiedel, Germany begins 240 million years ago when lava flowed into the mountainous area. After the lava solidified and crystallized, erosion began to slowly break down the softer rocks and round off the hard granite leaving the boggy, woodland area strewn with formations of giant rocks and rocks, caves and plateaus. It's easy to find your way through this labyrinth, and it's fun to climb the narrow path through a fantastic agglomeration of gigantic rocks. But only if you're slim and not hampered by a rucksack or walking sticks will you enjoy the very narrow passages that allow you to reach the summit within about 1 hour/1 hour. Take care when the rocks are slippery and wet! Because security facilities need continuous care, you should be prepared to support the efforts by paying an entrance fee of € 4.50. 


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