AWAYN IMAGE Luskentyre
AWAYN IMAGE Luskentyre
AWAYN IMAGE Luskentyre

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Luskentyre is one of the largest and most spectacular beaches on Harris. Named one of the UK’s best beaches. Luskentyre sands possess miles of white sand and stunning green-blue water. Scenery includes beautiful sand dunes and the island of Taransay, famous for being the setting of the BBC’s Castaway.   The crisp white sands should give us a hint, but it’s only when the water rushes up the beach to meet our toes that we realize its Caribbean appearance is a folly. With a toe in the cold temperature of the Atlantic Ocean any ideas of swimming usually go firmly out the window!


Panoramic Vistas

The chilly water is soon forgotten once we arrive back to the dunes. This is the moment to find the right spot to lie back on and take in the incredible panorama in front of you.


When we’re ready to move there’s a beautiful circular 4km walk that offers up new perspectives on the beach and its many vistas. I’m always careful to time it right though as the tide can come in at a fair rate and it would be a chilly walk home otherwise.


Take the Low Road

Beaches, mountains, lovely food – Harris really is a great place to explore. The more you study the island you’ll realize there are plenty more deserted white-sand beaches to savor.  As well as beach walks the island is abundant with beautiful low-level trails and I especially enjoy these ones as each has its own exciting story – maybe I’ll share them with you someday soon.


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