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Magnificent Desert of the Shahdad Desert

A trip to the uncharted desert and the fantastic city of Kalout, in Kerman's southern province, is a special treat that even native Iranians appreciate. You will experience the walk among the fantasy-land structures, carved through echoes of blowing winds from the sand hills. You'll let yourself roll down the hills of soft sand, see the Nebka's (the desert flower pots), the incongruous citrus gardens in the heart of the desert, and the old fortresses. 

The Mysterious city of Lut, the largest sand city in the world, is a result of a series of contiguous Kalouts which, like tall and short walls form long labyrinths in between (Lat), are connected to each other. Iran’s Kalouts are a unique combination of form and space. Sometimes one can notice the rare color of pink in the natural palate of desert nature. If you are lucky at sunset, after a rain & dust storm, the sky of the Lute desert splashes a beautiful red light. It is as if you are at an ocean’s coastline & the Kalouts are ships floating gracefully before you. Until the last decade, only research organizations traveled to Iran’s Kalouts.


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