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Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park

There are a number of places you must see to say you've seen the USA. Monument Valley is near the top of the list with The Grand Canyon, Crater Lake, The Statue of Liberty, and Mt. Rushmore. It is The West in a single location, if that is possible.The views and the expanse, coupled with the history ancient and modern, are simply stupefying with grandeur. One sees people standing and staring wordlessly. It is not possible to describe the place with mere words. Your first visit, and perhaps any visit will rock you back on your heels without question. Oh, and don't think you can look at pictures and get the feel of it either. You must go. You will be awed. We drove the 17 mile drive through the monuments at a snail's pace on the bumpy I paved road and stopped at the 11 points along the way. I bought a necklace from one of the vendors. We had taken a picnic lunch and enjoyed it in the scenic setting. Then we walked partway on the hiking trail near the View Hotel. We took a private tour in the afternoon and saw even more. Don't do the self tour - you cannot go nearly far enough


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