Maroon Lake Scenic Trail


AWAYN IMAGE Maroon Lake Scenic Trail
AWAYN IMAGE Maroon Lake Scenic Trail
AWAYN IMAGE Maroon Lake Scenic Trail

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No wonder the moose have moved into this area-Maroon Lake, with year round reflections of Maroon Bells, is the most scenic trail in the area. The trail begins at the north end of the lake where the bus stops and the limited parking area exists. The walking trail proceeds south along the west side (to the right as you look at the bells across the lake). The trail continues southward past the lake and becomes progressively more challenging as you trek upwardly to a pass which leads down the other side of the mountains to a trailhead that's accessible from Crested Butte. In mid summer, the trek down the to that trailhead winds through 100's of acres of solid wild flowers. A trip to those wild flowers is best undertaken out of Crested Butte via a 4Runner to the trailhead. There's also a shuttle service offered for a fee..You can go up to the lake via bus, bicycle or walking. We chose the bus. The driver was very friendly and helpful and, on the way to the lake, he explained us a lot of the history of the area and how it is nowadays. The trail around the lake itself is magnificent!(The fee to enter Maroon Bells is $10.)

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