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Sun Rise in the Desert of Morocco

Travel Memories! We love to think back of our time in the Moroccan desert. Back in 2013 we were staying in the wild city of Marrakesh. It was loud, it was colorful, many different smells run through our noses. It was truly a wow-experience to get to know Marrakesh. One day we got the opportunity to hop on a bus to a desert adventure. It was a bus tour with local guides on their way to the far desert, stopping at a few small towns in the mountains. On the way we crossed the majestic Atlas Mountains, and there are tons of tiny villages hidden in the middle of nowhere. Really impressive! We spent the night in a small group of tents. In a bigger tent, we all came together to have dinner. After enjoying a Tajine loaded with Cous Cous and Vegetables, our new friends started to play some music, and everybody started singing. The most impressive part of the whole night, however, was something different. Have you ever seen 1 Billion stars? This is how we felt whilst watching the clear sky in the cold desert. We both have never seen so many stars. We decided to wake up early. We wanted to watch the sun climbing up behind the mountain, and feel the first shafts of sunlight. This is when we took the photo, trying to freeze those good travel memories.


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