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Walk around Marshall Beach San Francisco's best secret beach!

People come here for two reasons, see Golden Gate Bridge from its west wing, enjoy sun bathing and catching sunrise and sunset.

Better choose a sunny and warm day as wind can make the trip quite chilly. The view is stunning when you can get as close as a few hundred feet (or 50 meters) away from the foundation of the Bridge.

With a clear morning and without fog or low-level clouds, the color gradient of the sky can be exactly what you need. But often times inclement weather proves best during Sunset and Sunrise here at Marshall Beach. I was not aware that this beach has a reputation for naked ones. I  almost tripped over a naked man and the vision was too comical.

There's a 30 spot car lot very close to when you pull off 101. It's well marked and the parking spaces are indicated.


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Temprature NOW: 16.37°C
Temprature Maximum: 20.78°C
wind Wind: 5.36
Humidity Humidity: 73%
Pressure Pressure: 1017(mb)
sunrise sunrise: 2024-02-25 14:47:42
sunset sunset: 2024-02-26 01:58:42

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