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Bear viewing & photography in Yellowstone

The spring trips are ideal but ideally being in the right place at the right time to see bears. I really think the key is to slow down and constantly scan both side of the roads to look for wildlife. It is amazing how many people drive by without seeing a bear that is just off the road a little. There were many times this June that we drove east past Mary Bay and Sedge Bay and saw nothing the first pass. Coming back there would be griz right in plain sight. Well, the bear had to be in the close vicinity the first time we drove by but we didn't see him. Drive the "hotspots" back and forth slowly- use pullouts especially in Hayden. I put a lot of miles on my escape just driving back and forth looking for bears. Scan the horizon and sagebrush with binoculars. Lots of times the sagebrush hides the grizzlies and you don't see them unless you use binoculars.


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