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Matej Kren’s ‘Idiom’

The Prague Municipal Library is now home to a spiraling tower of hundreds of carefully stacked books assembled by Slovakian born artist Matej Kren. Dubbed Idiom, the massive installation reaches up to the ceiling, and Kren installed a mirror inside the funnel to create the illusion of a magical, eternal spire of books.  Matej Kren’s ‘Idiom’ book tower formerly arrived in Sao Paulo’s International Biennial in 1995, and it consisted of hundreds and hundreds of books stacked in a circular pattern with the extending style of a Jenga game. A narrow cone shape opening creates a ten-foot hole in the side of the tower. The very colorful spines of the various books create a rainbow-like pattern on the outside.

Located quite centrally, it’s a fun five minute stop to get some fresh photos and look at the book tower. 

Though it’s a lovely way for people to step into the building, you don’t have to go too far into it, so you don’t disturb anyone who goes for the actual library. As you come in the main entrance, it is literally in front of you; need to walk upstairs.

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