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Max Patch Trail Loop

This is a very windy and bumpy road with deep pot holes, a true mountain road- and your car will get very dusty/dirty. But when you park and start the trek to the top of the bald, you are welcomed with second-to-none views of mountainscapes. It's beyond breath-taking. We hike everywhere in the Smokies and middle TN, and this is by far the most rewarding view we've ever seen. When you sit at the top, it's pure silence, even with others there, it's an amazing absence of sound with no cars or motors; you will feel like you're truly in Heaven. Pictures and videos could never do it justice. Max Patch is a place you have to experience for yourself. Connect to the Appalachian Trail with the white blaze posts and hike along the side of the mountain, taking in the views. We are coming back in the Spring to camp here. A warm winter day would be the most ideal for viewing mountains, as they aren't as hazy with humidity. This is my new favorite place in the world.


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