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Visit Waterfall of Koosah Falls

Koosah Falls is a fantastic tourist attraction scene for hiking. You can have a great view of Koosah and avoid the crowds hanging out at the water point viewing platforms using the loop even though the descriptions of the loop starts at Sahalie fall parking area. It is not good to park at this point because it is populated and always full of people. It is therefore advisable to park outside near Koosah falls. The good thing about parking near Koosah is that it is far away from the highway and fewer people get to park here.

The lookout platforms for Koosah heads down to the path where you will follow the waterfall trail to the stream. Here you will experience a stunning view of the McKenzie River along the section trail. After climbing the wooden stairs, you then get to the Sahalie falls. Her there are generally many people milling and heading to the hill. While in the mountain, you will see another lookout the spot on the peak of the waterfall while looking down 73 ft down amazing!

When you have crossed the bridge, you will head towards the other side of the river towards downstream. Once at the McKenzie River, the famous mountain is the biking area that follows the river with over 24 miles. The trail is highly maintained because of its frequent use, and it is the most beautiful part of the loop that any tourist gets to enjoy while using the loop.

Overall, it is a fantastic experience when you get to see the waterfall from an angle that nobody else as seen. With a few little outcrops, you can safely get right next to the river and have a fantastic view as well as take beautiful photos for memories. Koosah Falls a lovely and a must-visit place when traveling to McKenzie.


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